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‘Market the Welcome’ program entices travelers at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo
January 5, 2018

Brand USA has completed the latest “Market the Welcome” program installation inside the consular area of the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo. Marketing the welcome is a foundational element of Brand USA’s work and refers to our efforts to inspire, inform, welcome, and thank travelers while accurately communicating vital and compelling information about visa and entry policies. One of the most visible forms the activity takes is to communicate travel policy in consumer-friendly terms and to establish a more welcoming environment in travel policy environments such as international arrival halls and consular waiting areas. The program dovetails with the U.S. government’s national goal on entry policy, which calls on the United States to provide a best-in-class entry and arrival experience to an ever-increasing number of international visitors while maintaining the highest standards of national security.

Market the Welcome inspires and welcomes international visitors to the United States through a suite of signage, displays, and videos that showcase high-quality and impactful imagery of inspirational destinations, activities, and iconic American scenery. This public-private collaboration with the U.S. mission in Tokyo helps improve the visa application experience and provide visitors with a warm and inviting experience as they work with the U.S. mission on acquiring their visas to enter the United States. 

“We now have beautiful wrap-around images of the United States and footage of the National Parks Adventure movie playing,” said Yuri Arthur, U.S. Commercial Service Officer at U.S. Embassy Tokyo. “Everyone agrees that this upgrade has made the experience better for all visitors. We would never have been able to produce such beautiful imagery on our own, and thank Brand USA as always for helping us promote what is beautiful and great about our country.”

The U.S. Embassy in Tokyo is the third post to implement Market the Welcome. The other locations currently implementing the program are U.S. mission locations in London, United Kingdom and Frankfurt, Germany. Brand USA is developing a toolkit for U.S. missions around the world to easily access display graphics and templates with welcoming messaging, impactful photography, and inspiring video content to adorn Consular waiting areas. This public-private collaboration on the front lines helps improve the visa application experience and showcase a wide breadth of experiences that travelers can have in the United States. The toolkit will be made available later this year.

Brand USA has a similar program designed for gateway airports, offering customized display graphics and templates with local attractions and welcoming messaging. The program is currently installed at Chicago O’Hare International Airport, Miami International Airport, Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, and Louis Armstrong International Airport, with several others in process in 2017.