past MegaFams

2014 United Kingdom & Ireland MegaFam

15 - 22

Brand USA – with British Airways and American Airlines – hosted a second annual MegaFam, or multi-itinerary U.S. familiarization trip, for about 70 UK travel agents in May 2014.

After splitting into seven groups, each agent embarked on one of seven itineraries. The individual trips covered a total of 21 states. Following their six-night journeys, the agents convened in Austin, Texas, for the MegaFam’s grand finale, where they shared travel experiences through group presentations.

The seven itineraries were named: “Natural Northeast,” “Capital Great Adventures,” “Southern Charms,” “Meet the Mountains,” “Desert Dreams” and “West Coast Wonders.”

Agents qualified for invitations to the MegaFam on two accounts. First, they had to complete two modules of the Brand USA’s online-training program, the USA Discovery Program, which presents agents with information about a variety of U.S.-travel themes – such as the Great Outdoors, Big City Buzz and Coastal Escapes.

They also competed in sales production, as measured by how many U.S. travel packages (using British Airways or American Airlines) they sold during the first three months of 2014.

Brand USA MegaFams showcase the United States as a premier destination with a seemingly boundless range of diverse destinations and travel experiences beyond traditional U.S. gateways.

Once agents see these travel-opportunities and airline-related services first-hand, they are more apt to sell U.S. travel.

UK 2014 Megafam Map