past MegaFams

2016 Australia & New Zealand MegaFam

19 - 29


Beginning on May 19th, 2016 agents from Australia and New Zealand will embark on an exciting 'USA on a Plate' themed MegaFam. Each itinerary will feature 2-4 stand out culinary activities to showcase the diverse cultures that each state has to offer. The Brand USA-hosted MegaFam is delighted to partner for the first time with Air New Zealand, which is the official airline partner.

The MegaFam will fly 60 of the top-booking agents (30 from Australia and 30 from New Zealand) from Auckland, New Zealand to Houston, Texas and Los Angeles, California. Once there, the agents will split into teams of 10 and spend six nights on one of six itineraries that showcase the Southern States of the USA. After exploring the continental United States, all 60 agents will come together and experience Houston, TX for a two-night MegaFam finale event. The finale event is an opportunity for agents to share the highlights from their respective itineraries, therefore enabling the agents to go home and share stories and experiences from all six itineraries. 

This MegaFam is bringing forth the first ever Brand USA MegaFam Social Media competition! All 60 agents will be issued a U.S. Sim card with unlimited internet access to capture and share their experiences with friends and followers. The content captured by agents will be used in the competition as an incentive.

To qualify for a spot on the MegaFam, agents have to complete the 3 modules of Brand USA’s Discovery Program: Regional Expert Badge, Food & Drink Specialist Badge and the Air New Zealand Specialist Badge.