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2017 United Kingdom & Ireland MegaFam

10 - 18

Brand USA, in partnership with American Airlines and British Airways, has announced details of the seven brand new itineraries for the biggest ever USA MegaFam.  Taking place May 10–18, 2017 the multi-destination familiarization tour for travel agents from the UK and Ireland will see the largest delegation to date – 107 participants – travel on seven itineraries across the USA simultaneously.

After exploring one of the seven itineraries, agents will join together for a finale celebration in Chicago, Illinois. Here, the agents will share their experiences with each other with the goal of enabling all attendees to better sell the destinations upon their return to the UK and Ireland.

This is the fifth consecutive year the USA MegaFam has taken place and each year the routes showcase a variety of states and experiences across the USA. The new itineraries for 2017 are:

  • Golden Silver Sights: Explore the history and great outdoors of California and Nevada
  • Trails & Treasures: Discover the natural beauty of Idaho, Montana, and Washington
  • Stocks & Springs: Uncover adventure in Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma
  • Pure Shores: Explore the clear waters and sandy shores of Lake Michigan
  • Cultural Courses: Taste your way through the iconic cities of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana
  • Beaches and Blues: Feel the rhythm in Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida
  • Northeastern Wonders: Visit the historic neighborhoods, rolling peaks, verdant valleys and sparkling lakes of the Northeast

To be eligible to win a place on the MegaFam, travel agents in the UK and Ireland must book travelers on American Airlines and British Airways flights to the United States during the entry period from January 1 through April 3, 2017. In addition, they must earn as many badges on Brand USA’s official agent training site, the, including a new MegaFam Airlines 2017 module.

To enter the MegaFam, visit

To become a qualified USA Specialist and learn more about the USA MegaFam, agents in the United Kingdom and Ireland should visit