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2018 China MegaFam

Oct. 24
Nov. 02

Brand USA and United Airlines MegaFam Excite Chinese Travel Professionals

Brand USA, in partnership with United Airlines, hosted a MegaFam to the United States in October 2018. 

The MegaFam will see 48 travel professionals from China experience seven fabulous nights in the USA. The participants will initially be split into five groups along with hosts, with each group spending the first five nights exploring exciting itineraries in various U.S. destinations. The final two nights, the entire group will come together for a grand finale in Washington, D.C., with further sightseeing and a chance to share their MegaFam stories and experiences.

Each of the five itineraries will showcase the nation's diversity and collision of cultures, unlike anywhere else in the world. 

“Brand USA is excited to partner with United Airlines to host 48 travel professionals for the MegaFam,” said Christopher L. Thompson, president and CEO of Brand USA. “Through this MegaFam, we have the unique privilege of showcasing all that our nation has to offer. We look forward to welcoming this esteemed group of travel professionals and taking them to, through, and beyond America’s gateways.”