past MegaFams

2019 Brazil MegaFam

13 - 21

Brand USA, in partnership with Copa Airlines, held its first-ever Brand USA MegaFam from the Brazilian market. From March 13 - 22, 2019, the multi-destination familiarization trip hosted 60 travel agents and five tour operators from all regions of Brazil with the objective to develop new products and increase their expertise when selling USA destinations to Brazilian travelers.

All travel professionals invited were part of the sales incentive campaign with Copa Airlines where their tickets sales to U.S. destinations were worth classificatory points. They also had to complete the first module in the Brand USA’s online training program (Regional Expert Badge) at

After traveling through one of the five itineraries, the agents gathered for the grand finale celebration in Kissimmee, Florida. During their stay in Kissimmee, had the opportunity to visit new properties and experience the highlights of the destination. Another five tour operators then joined the group for B2B sessions with local partners and destination management companies, further enhancing their contacts and negotiations for future product developments.

The Grand Finale ceremony was conducted by the famous Brazilian actor and comedian Leandro Hassum, who mentioned the advantages of visiting the United States for Brazilians, in addition to interacting a lot with the participants from all the itineraries. During the event, the Brand USA staff distributed awards and certificates to the participants of the itineraries that stood out in topics such as level of participation during the Fam, interaction in social media, among others.

The itineraries for the MegaFam were:

  • Northern Vibes: Rhythms of the River – Visiting Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin
  • Southern Charm: Musical Roots – Visiting Louisiana, Alabama, and Georgia
  • Dreaming Big: Neon Lights, Camera, Action – Visiting California and Nevada
  • Eastern Legacy: The Historic Trails – Visiting Washington, DC and Pennsylvania
  • Crossing America: Snow, Sun & Fun – Visiting Colorado and Florida

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