International travelers can now explore the USA’s must-see places, great outdoors, foodie hot spots and amazing road trips on the new GoUSA TV!

There’s a revolution happening right now in television with rapidly growing consumer interest in cutting the cable and opting for Connected TV. By upgrading to “Smart TVs,”or simply using a plug-in device, viewers save on cable costs, while still receiving favorite channels and discovering new entertainment options like GoUSA TV.



Why Connected TV?

  • We live in a multi-screen, multi-platform world, with one in three consumers saying they’ve never had cable television, or no longer do.
  • While people are watching less linear television, time with digital video is on the rise.
  • By 2025, half of viewers under 32 will not subscribe to a pay TV service.
  • Currently 80% of television sales are internet-enabled, interactive televisions that support the increasing amount of consumers who consider themselves “cord-cutters.”

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10 percent when reading it in text.

Do you have a mobile app for that?

Yes!  Download GoUSA TV now for free on iOS and Android.



How can Brand USA partners participate?

  1. Start by watching GoUSA TV. Take note of the production quality and categories.
  2. Consider video content that you’ve already created. Do you have a single video, or perhaps episodic shows that feature your destination? Do you have an assignable global license?
  3. Email us a link to your video: [email protected].

Important notes:

  • If you don’t have a video link to send and instead would like to upload the source file, register for our Digital Asset Management system here. Should you have any questions regarding the DAM, please contact Justin Pile at [email protected].
  • Consider participating in a GoUSA TV partner program. 
  • Want to create new content for the channel, or have additional questions? Contact Mark Lapidus, Senior Director, Digital & Content Development at [email protected].
  • Brand USA retains final approval of all video submissions and uses submitted assets at our sole discretion.



See the examples below of the type of content Brand USA would like to feature on the channel.

Brand USA announced winners of the first-ever Brand USA Video Storytelling Award during the ESTO Destination Day Lunch. Brand USA President and CEO Christopher L. Thompson presented the awards to representatives from Destination DC and New Mexico Tourism Department in recognition of their compelling and inspiring video content. Learn more about the award winners, and watch their videos, below:

Destination DC “The Arts District, Washington, DC” Video Series: Culture is a unique lens by which to discover a destination and Destination DC used its creative voices to bring the city to life in its video series, “Explore the Arts District in Washington, DC.” From colorful street murals and awe-inspiring exhibitions to stage productions ranging from hometown favorites to Hamilton, the nation’s capital overflows with artistic experiences. Distinguishing itself from other cities in the USA, the Arts District reveals the best ways to experience theater, music, mural arts, dance, and museums in the city. Explore the five-part video series. Watch an episode from the five-part video series.


New Mexico Tourism Department’s “New Mexico True Stories” Video Series: In "New Mexico True Stories," the New Mexico Tourism Department showcased the very real and unique experience of the destination juxtaposed with stunning and quirky film techniques. From defining "earthship" to creating a truly sustainable living environment to enjoying the ultimate freedom of flying above the Rio Grande, New Mexico is a haven for the unexpected. From culture to art to cuisine and everything in between, New Mexico invites visitors to discover the holistic combination of people and nature. Watch an episode from the unexpected 13-part video series.