GoUSA TV streams travel stories about the United States on many television platforms in fifty countries around the world.

Our programming includes hundreds of hours of award-winning television series, feature-length documentaries, and popular shorts told from the diverse perspectives of real people. Our mix of shows spotlights authentic experiences from small towns, to large urban areas, to the great outdoors, showcasing the people, places, culture and activities that make the United States a must-visit destination.


How to Watch GoUSA TV:


The above is only a sampling of the streaming platforms airing GoUSA TV.               

Mobile App: Download GoUSA TV for free on your mobile device on iOS and Android.

Web: Watch a curated list of shows online via GoUSA TV YouTube.

Transit: Catch your favorite GoUSA TV shows on Air Canada and Reach TV in airports and hotels.


How destinations may participate:

Want to get your destination's unique stories out to viewers in 50 countries around the world on GoUSA TV?

We are looking for the best in video storytelling: 

  • Clear and unique story format
  • Prioritizes storytelling with an entertaining narrative that appeals to an international audience
  • Story arc. The storyline must have a concrete beginning, middle, and end for viewers to follow, as well as engaging emotion through drama, conflict, fun, or comedy
  • High stakes and strong characters
  • Builds a unique sense of place by featuring cultural elements such as food, music, sports, tradition, or other attributes
  • Shares something completely new and unexpected, or shines a new light on something well-known about a point of interest or destination
  • Builds interest in and affection for the featured destination
  • Has high quality cinematography and storytelling
  • Motivates a viewer to say: “I want to go do that thing, in that place, with those people!”

If you a have a storytelling video that would make a great addition to the GoUSA TV television network, email a link of the video to [email protected]. If you want to create a new story, or have general GoUSA TV questions, contact Mark Lapidus, Brand USA's Vice President, Product & Technology, at [email protected]. Brand USA accepts submissions at our sole discretion.

Brand USA Video Storytelling Awards

The Brand USA Video Storytelling Awards recognize destination marketing organizations that use best-in-class video storytelling to bring their destination to life. Any content submitted by a destination and accepted for GoUSA TV is automatically entered into the Storytelling Awards.

The 2024 Storytelling Awards winners will be announced at ESTO 2024 in Columbus, Ohio. 

2023 Award Winners:

We received numerous submissions from our partners around the USA and finalists were honored and winners were announced at ESTO 2023 in Savannah, Georgia. Learn more about the GoUSA TV Video Storytelling Awards here, see below for the 2023 winners and watch their storytelling videos on the GoUSA TV App (iOS and Android).

Venturing Out: St. Croix
U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Tourism

Driven to explore and experience adventure in all its forms, host Creighton Baird ventures out into the wild landscapes of the U.S. Virgin Islands to discover the answer to what it means to truly live.



Basecamp Denver
Visit Denver

Play in the mountains; stay in the city! Denver, Colorado natives take you on their favorite Rocky Mountain adventures.



Salt of the Earth
Visit Salt Lake

From Olympic rock-climbing athletes to award-winning brewmasters, meet the unique and creative individuals who make up the diverse and lively Salt Lake City, Utah community