International Pavilion

International Pavilion

This latest initiative by Brand USA gives stakeholders access to relevant information and connections to valuable global markets. This resource within Brand USA Global Marketplace links partners to extensive intelligence reports, comprehensive market overviews, exclusive contact directories, current initiatives, and future opportunities. Information provided is frequently updated and free to all registered members.

Each market on the platform is split up into four distinct sections. The Market Overview houses a playlist of videos providing an orientation to the travel industry of each market, with travel booking behaviors, tourist preferences, spending trends of the different regions, and more. The Research Library provides data, reports, and analysis on travel behaviors. Contact information for trade and consumer media members, airlines, tour operators, and travel agents can be found in the Country Directory*. Members can utilize the Brand USA Programs area to view current and future initiatives and opportunities that Brand USA has running in each market.

Countries and regions currently featured include:

  •  Australia & New Zealand
  •  Benelux Region (Belgium, Luxembourg & the Netherlands)
  •  Brazil
  •  France
  •  Germany, Austria & Switzerland
  •  India
  •  Italy
  •  Ireland
  •  Japan
  •  Mexico
  •  South Korea
  •  Spain
  •  Nordic Region (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway & Sweden)
  •  United Kingdom


*While Country Directories are available to all users, only registered Pod Owners can utilize the 'Connect' functionality. 
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