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The fourth annual UK MegaFam is set to take place May 12th to the 19th, hosted by Brand USA in partnership with American Airlines and British Airways. This popular MegaFam has been created and repeated by popular demand to showcase the United States as a holiday destination for UK visitors seeking diverse, new experiences. 

Throughout the MegaFam, selected agents will embark on one of seven itineraries, exploring a total of 18 U.S. states. Following each of their itinerary experiences, all of the agents will fly to meet up in Huntington Beach, California. In Huntington Beach, all of the agents will experience a grand show-and-tell event, which enables them to hear first-hand about all seven of the itineraries and the unique experiences available across the USA. While in Huntington Beach agents will also participate in a sightseeing tour of the city before returning home. 

The USA MegaFam itineraries are as follows:

UK Megafam Map 2016