Brand USA Newsletter - April 2020

Brand USA Activities in the Nordic Region

2020 has shown significant promise in the Nordic region as Brand USA continues to grow its engagement throughout Europe. In fact, last month, Brand USA President and CEO, Chris Thompson welcomed U.S. suppliers, key buyers, and media at the USA Travel Show in Copenhagen, Denmark. During a widely attended press conference, Thompson discussed Brand USA’s campaigns, successes, and announced Brand USA’s goals within the new “One Europe Strategy,” which aims to leverage and amplify initiatives and partnerships across borders within the continent. 

Brand USA also collaborated with the U.S. Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden to host a screening of "America’s Musical Journey" for the travel trade, media, and government officials. U.S. Ambassador Ken Howery provided opening remarks at the January event, to an audience of two hundred attendees. A native of “the live music capital of the world,” Ambassador Howery was particularly excited to share his fondness of Austin, Texas.

The Discover America Committee, Sweden also hosted its annual workshop in Stockholm. This year’s workshop was attended by 130 professionals from the Swedish tourism industry who are committed to marketing the USA to their clients throughout the region. Thanks to Brand USA’s sponsorship, Discover America Committee was able to invite more guests this year and develop a robust program, which made for a very meaningful and productive experience. 

Brand USA looks forward to growing and fostering relationships with the travel trade to inspire more and more people throughout Europe to visit the USA.