Brand USA Newsletter - April 2020

Global Trade Development goes Virtual

Even though travel has slowed due to COVID-19, Brand USA’s efforts in our many markets around the world have continued going strong. Brand USA has adapted our travel trade campaigns and initiatives to be more about inspiration and less transactional.

In April, Brand USA's global offices hosted 20 webinars for tour operators around the world. These webinars were hosted in Brazil, France, Italy, Mexico, Spain, and the United Kingdom and Ireland, and were all well attended. 

For instance, in addition to webinars, the global trade team continues to educate participants about the diversity of the United States via the award-winning Discovery Program. This provides tour operator a way to learn about the USA and the best ways to promote our many destinations. 

Another innovation the global trade team has executed is the use of the popular gaming app, Kahoot. This fun and interactive tool provides an engaging platform to educate the travel trade industry on the United States while they are working from home. The goal is to keep agents active and to continue promoting travel to, through and beyond America’s gateway destinations. Through Brand USA's various tools and resources it hopes make learning about the USA fun, memorable, and educational. 

Other Brand USA promotions and content that the travel trade around the world are promoting and using include:

  • GoUSA TV
  • Insider Guides
  • United Stories
  • Giant-screen films