Brand USA Newsletter - March 2020

🇮🇹 Italy

Brand USA Italy showcased unique U.S. experiences through two themed training events with I Viaggi del Delfino in December

christmas dinnerDuring December, Brand USA Italy had the chance to collaborate with I Viaggi del Delfino, one of the top tour operators in the South of Italy, to create two programs fully dedicated to the USA. In particular, both events had a special focus on two holidays and the magic atmospheres they create in the United States: Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The first event celebrated Thanksgiving and took place in Genoa on December 4, 2019. It began with an exclusive guided tour of the Alfred Hitchcock Exhibition at Palazzo Ducale. The rest of the event took place at ancient cisterns of Palazzo Ducale - one of the oldest and most prestigious buildings of the city. Brand USA Italy led a presentation providing travel agents with a general overview of Brand USA and its mission, including B2B and B2C tools available to promote travel to the USA. The success of the event was also amplified by the presence of Air Italy and the special visit of Anna Maria Saiano, Consul of the United States in Genoa. The evening closed with a themed dinner buffet with traditional Thanksgiving dishes.

christmas dinnerThe Christmas event took place in Bari in the South of Italy on December 9, 2019, in an ancient monastery now converted to a restaurant. Brand USA Italy presented to travel agents and provided an overview of Brand USA and its mission, as well as the B2B and B2C tools available to promote travel to the USA. This event was also sponsored by Choose Chicago and Discover Philadelphia, who highlighted some unique Christmas experiences in these cities. The event closed with a winter buffet and a Gospel choir.

These two trade events helped enhance Brand USA visibility in two regions of Italy that have not been covered before. The unique “Stars & Stripes” atmosphere, the presence of U.S. partners together with special holiday spirit, provided an added value to both evenings.