Brand USA Newsletter - March 2020 Gets a Whole New Look


In early March, Brand USA relaunched their corporate website. Working alongside global website agency, Insomniac Design, the website fully aligns with Brand USA's true brand essence. After conducting a thorough evaluation of the previous version of the website, the research landed on a cohesive, accurate, relevant, and simplified website design for Brand USA.

To name a few of the changes, on the home page, Brand USA's mission is much clearer and more visible. Content is also more accessible and social media icons are more prominent on the page.

State Fact Sheets are more robust and extensive as more state tagged content is available to view. There is the option of pre-filtering the videos by state by clicking on the "View All'' link a user can just load more right on the page. In addition, users are now able to display state specific "programs and opportunities" as well.

The new Events page is incredibly revamped and focuses on Brand USA’s signature events so these are more prominently displayed. On the backend, the "All Events" page has a custom built robust events system where data is driven from SalesForce and rendered by the CMS. Through tagging, these events are being displayed throughout the website for increased discoverability. Additionally, users can now plan their calendar more easily by adding events to their own personal calendar. The user can filter by category, time, perform a keyword search, and use the calendar widget accessible in the sidebar. Users can also access the signature events directly through the main navigation events as well.

The Newsroom also had quite the update as it is now much more extensive. In addition to Brand USA In the News and News Releases, there are now Industry Updates, so there is a lot more industry-related content for users to explore and enjoy. Similarly to the All Events page, users can also filter by category, time, and perform a keyword search.

Additionally, the website is entirely responsive experience and can be displayed beautifully across an array of devices and platforms.

As the destination marketing organization for the United States, it was important to ensure the consistency that builds a long-lasting and memorable brand, and we feel we accomplished just that! Additionally, those who have opted to receive communication from Brand USA will notice a corresponding look and feel with how the information is displayed.

Should users ever have any questions regarding the website, use of the Brand USA, logo or our brand guidelines, please email [email protected].