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"National Parks Adventure" Reaches New Audiences
December 12, 2017

Brand USA’s award-winning and acclaimed giant-screen film, National Parks Adventure, continues to reach a growing variety of travel-trade, media, and consumers in IMAX® and traditional theaters around the world.  With Brand USA’s partnership with the U.S. Commercial Service and U.S. Embassies, the film has been shown in over 14 countries beyond the film’s initial release schedule.  The film, which provides a sweeping overview of the history of the national parks and captures their stunning beauty, provides never-before-seen shots captured in partnership with the National Parks Service and the Department of Interior. 

Results from the film continue to be strong.  Over seven million people have watched the film in 119 theaters worldwide, and more than one million people have watched the film on the Chinese digital video distribution network Youku.  The film was the highest-grossing documentary film in the world in 2016, and was the industry’s fastest giant-screen roll-out in five years with 48 exhibitions in six countries in February 2016, and 119 theaters in 16 countries within the first 12 months.  The film’s trailer has been seen by over 60 million people around the world.  The National Parks Adventure PR campaign has garnered more than 4,000 pieces of earned media with seven billion media impressions.  Eighty-one percent of the film’s viewers say they are more likely to visit the USA after watching the film, with nearly 60 percent saying they would pick the USA over another destination after watching the film. 

Recent film showings have benefited from ambassador led involvement in Kuwait City, Kuwait; Munich, Germany; Manila, Philippines; and more.  In addition, U.S. Consular Generals in São Paulo, Brazil; China, Croatia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, India, Italy, Japan, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, and Spain have helped welcome hundreds of guests to National Parks Adventure showings to promote the excitement of the great outdoors in the United States.

Brand USA continues to support high-level opportunities to bring the film to markets large and small.  Additional showings currently are being planned for Hungary, with Brand USA welcoming the opportunity to work with U.S. posts globally to show the film to members of the media, travel-trade, and consumers.

Based on the continued success of the National Parks Adventure, Brand USA has joined forces with MacGillivray Freeman Films for a second time, along with the global presenting sponsor, Expedia, Inc. to launch another giant-screen film America’s Musical Journey.  Currently in the final stages of production, this film follows internationally-acclaimed artist Aloe Blacc as he takes audiences on a tour of some of the most iconic urban cities across the United States – exploring the diversity of experiences and destinations in America and telling its unique history through music, which always has been one of the most important assets that the United States has to offer.  View the trailer here.  Brand USA plans on working with its global Embassy partners to bring America’s Musical Journey a wide variety of audiences.