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Co-op marketing programs make up the majority of our marketing efforts by delivering an array of options to increase awareness, visitation and spend. These opportunities allow partners of all sizes to participate in the way we promote travel experiences in the United States.

Brand USA Activation programs are consumer facing, cooperative marketing opportunities that include a booking component. Participants featured in these programs can expect to receive specific booking information and metrics upon completion of the marketing campaign.

Brand USA Consumer Media programs are cooperative marketing opportunities run in partnership with leading international consumer media companies. They are B2C and generate awareness and interest in travel to the US.

Brand USA Content & Distribution programs are cooperative marketing opportunities that allow Brand USA and its partners to create and disseminate video and written content across various media channels.

Brand USA Trade-Focused programs are cooperative marketing opportunities that are not just B2C, but also B2B. They reach the trade via media, events or PR channels, and may include a tour operator component.

Oct 08, 2021

Brand USA and British Airways partnered together to create a turnkey program for destination partners to reassure, inspire and encourage travel to the US. The campaign includes a partnership with a trusted media publisher and coverage on key British Airways channels to maximize exposure on high traffic pages, providing destination specific reporting and bookings.


CANUSA and Brand USA partnered to provide destinations with multichannel opportunities to drive engagement and bookings from Germany to the US. CANUSA's knowledge of the German market, along with your destination's input is the best foundation for developing creative campaigns that generate a real impact on demand with measurable results.

The partnership with Brand USA and Expedia Group Media Solutions offers a variety of advertising solutions that help you reach the right audience at the right time with the right message. Achieve your marketing objectives while growing your return on investment with Expedia Group’s suite of innovative and proven advertising solutions.


FTI Touristik is part of the FTI GROUP; its numerous brands makes it Europe's third largest tour operator and also ranks third for travel to the United States in Germany. Their offices are Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands and offer a wide range of packages and modular tours.


The FTI co-op program gives partners the unique opportunity to help drive sales for their travel product to German travelers using FTI’s extensive reach within its marketing channels.

Brand USA is pleased to offer a proven and effective Multi-Channel campaign that includes integrated content and exclusive talent and media placements in Mexico via leading brands.


Brand USA partnered with PriceTravel, one of the most recognized and innovative OTAs in Mexico and Latin America, to provide partners with multichannel marketing packages to increase their exposure in the Mexico market.

Partners will receive robust post-campaign reporting including media metrics and bookings to the destination.