Canada East Multi-Channel Winter 2022

Experience an extraordinary 3-to-1 value through Brand USA's Multi-Channel Program compared to creating your own targeted, international campaign. With its robust digital, social, traffic generation and activation campaign, your targeted message will reach international travelers through the very media they consume most. Drive engagement and increase consideration by telling your story in a personal way with content that is most relevant to the market. Customized calls-to-action take consumers from inspired to desired to booked - generating real, measurable results.  

Program Benefits

  • Turnkey and cost-effective cross-channel marketing campaign across best-in-class print, social and digital media platforms.
  • Strategic activation through Expedia; includes destination booking results.
  • Campaigns include in-depth, partner-specific KPI and performance reporting.


Start Date:
End Date:
Material Deadline:
October 4, 2021

Opportunities Available

  • Unlimited

Program Components