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China Social Influencer Program

Brand USA is partnering with leading influencer Jessica Beinecke to bring destinations the unique opportunity to reach the millennial Chinese audience in the I Know This Spot Chinese-English digital travel series. More than just a travel video in Chinese, these digital videos bridge cultural and language barriers and create exciting local experiences for Chinese tourists. 

Program Benefits

  • Last year, Jessica’s U.S. destination videos were viewed 100+ million times on Chinese social media.
  • Over 66 million views on Brand USA partner videos since Fall 2018, with 3.4 million average views per destination!
  • Destinations receive license rights to use the 5 videos on their own channels to help promote to the Chinese audience. 
  • Destinations receive 1 image per video and 200-300 words per post in Chinese with English translation to use on their own channels.


Start Date:
End Date:
Opportunity Close : Ongoing

Opportunities Available

  • 20

Media Partners



Package Details

I Know This Spot Travel Video Guides

Market Value

$43,680 USD

Video Guide: Five 1-2 Minute Episodes, detailed below. Estimated 500,000 total views per video/episode.

  • Selfie Guide: Selfie Guides spotlight the top 5-10 places Chinese tourists should visit within each destination for selfie pictures with friends and family members, which help them discover and navigate exciting travel experiences in the featured destination.
  • Eat in Destination: Exciting local culinary experiences featured in English and Chinese. One to two locations plus useful Travel English + culture tips will be featured.
  • Drink in Destination: Local Coffee, Tea, Beer, Wine, Cocktail know-how explained in the context of Chinese language and culture. One to two locations plus useful Travel English + culture tips will be featured.
  • Speak in English in Destination: Travel English episodes shot in featured destination immediately address and solve the linguistic and cultural pain points Chinese tourists may have while visiting feature destination.


Travel Video Guide will also include an additional week of Sina Weibo promotion. 

*Packages designed for city-specific destination partners.

*PLEASE NOTE: Program details subject to change.

Additional Video

Option to produce an English version of the Selfie Guide episode.

Additional Licensing

Option to create a 30-second spot using highlight clips from the IKTS videos. The video will be set to music, scripted, and will feature the location, several visually appealing highlights and a CTA to watch/click more.

​​​​​​​*Includes use in perpetuity for China specific Brand USA campaigns. Videos will include Sina Weibo branding to be placed on the bottom right throughout each episode: "新浪微博: @Jessica白洁“ (Translation: "Sina Weibo: @Jessica白洁")

Additional Sina Weibo Promotion

Additional week of Sina Weibo promotion, if partner wishes to establish specific date, time and message beyond what is included in the Travel Guide.

Partner Engagement

Please reach out to your Brand USA Partner Engagement contact to learn more about how to participate in these programs

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