Mexico Multi-Channel Spring 2022

As we welcome the world back and created demand to visit the USA, guide travelers from inspiration to booking with Brand USA's transformed multi-channel campaigns. Partners have a new opportunity to drive engagement and increase consideration by telling their story in a personal way with content that is most relevant to the market. This multi-channel, multi-media approach provides a powerful mix of mid- to lower-funnel channels that inspire and lead to conversions. 

Mexico Multi-Channel

Program Benefits

  • Turnkey and cost-effective cross-channel marketing campaign across best-in-class print, social and digital media platforms.
  • Strategic activation through Expedia; includes destination booking results.
  • Campaigns include in-depth, partner-specific KPI and performance reporting. Inclusion in new Interactive Travel Guide with programmatic media driving to partner content.


Start Date:
End Date:
Material Deadline:
December 3, 2021

Opportunities Available

  • Unlimited

Program Components