Brand USA Travel Week Event Information & Features

Event Information & Features

Brand USA Travel Week: Connecting the U.K. & Europe with the U.S. travel industry, this exclusive event will offer hand-picked buyers from across the U.K. & European markets and U.S. exhibitors the opportunity to participate in up to 13, 20-minute matchmade one-to-one appointments per day.

A full list of U.S. exhibitors attending the event will be available once registration has closed.

Brand USA Media Forum: Connecting U.K. and European media with U.S. Exhibitor PRs, this event will offer a two-day series of pre-scheduled one-to-one appointments.

A full list of U.S. exhibitor PRs attending the event will be available once registration has closed.

The enrichment series will offer critical market insights from marketers, strategists, and industry leaders that will leave attendees educated and inspired through its insightful, and forward-looking programming.

Through Brand USA Travel Week U.K. & Europe 2022 networking sessions and evening events, U.K. & European buyers will be able to strengthen business relations with U.S. exhibitors as well as reconnect with friends and colleagues in the travel industry.

Brand USA Travel Week: Exhibitors and buyers will come together for the first time at Brand USA Travel Week U.K. & Europe 2022 for an evening of networking on the Nautilus maritime cruiser. Complete with two inside decks, a cozy lounge area and a generous sundeck to watch the sunset behind the Frankfurt skyline, guests can enjoy a buffet dinner and drinks while enjoying the sights along the River Main.

Brand USA Media Forum: Media and exhibitor PR are invited to a welcome reception ahead of the official opening of the Media Forum.

CEO Summit: All CEOs will come together for a private three-course dinner. More details will be provided nearer the time.

After the first full day of meetings, the Hindemith Foyer and the charming Restaurant Opera will host an evening of drinks and canapés in the impressive historic Alte Oper.

The Palmengarten’s Grand Banqueting Hall will serve as the venue for Wednesday evening’s networking event. The hall, dating back to 1870, has large windows and an adjoining terrace where guests can enjoy the botanical gardens with its historical plant collection stemming from the end of the 19th century.

To wrap the week, exhibitors and buyers are invited to the closing reception, taking place in the Alte Oper’s Hindemith Foyer.

The four-day event will follow protocols and regulations set forth by the German government and the host venue, Alte Oper, Frankfurt. Guidelines based on the latest protocols will be shared in advance of the event.