Brand USA Newsletter - March 2018


Brand USA Kicks off 3D Audio Campaign with Expedia to Attract International Travelers

Sound Travels – the first 3D audio campaign to promote international travel to the United States – is being launched on a pilot basis to target travelers in Australia, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

Brand USA and Expedia, announced the pilot launch of Sound Travels, an integrated marketing campaign that allows travelers to immerse themselves in the unique sounds of various locations and activities waiting to be experienced in the USA. 

"We're thrilled to collaborate with Expedia in developing innovative ways to promote the distinctive sights and sounds found only in the United States," said Tom Garzilli, chief marketing officer of Brand USA. "As the Sound Travels program continues to evolve, we're confident that it will inspire prospective visitors to travel to one of our vibrant destinations."  

Travelers will be able to experience the diversity of the U.S. through these audios, which will inspire them to explore, plan, and book a trip to dynamic destinations such as Austin, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; Las Vegas, Nevada, Miami, Florida, and more. 

Visitors are prompted to connect their headphones – no special equipment required – and select their preferred auditory experience. While the selected 3D audio clip plays, an on-screen animation dissolves into a first-person point of view photo, revealing the selected experience and allowing users to visualize what they are hearing. Visitors are then presented with specific travel recommendations based on their personal sound and activity preferences.

"We believe in the transformative power of sound to inspire travel and discovery, and the unique 3D audio experience pushes the boundaries of imagination and transports listeners to destinations across the U.S. with just the use of headphones," said Hari Nair, global senior vice president of Expedia® Media Solutions. "Sound Travels will empower Brand USA to engage with international travelers in a fresh and exciting format, and is an example of the innovative, technology-led solutions we develop for marketing partners."

Visitors can explore editorial-style articles, photos, suggested itineraries, special deals and promotions, and filter their preferences by 3D audio playlists or locations. To support Brand USA's objective of increased engagement and international visitation, the campaign hub features an integrated booking widget to help potential travelers move from inspiration to booking.
The multi-sensory campaign, set to run through June 30, 2018, functions seamlessly on mobile and desktop devices, targeting consumers in Australia, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom.  It will display social media content and advertising reaching verified travelers on Expedia. Co-branded television spots, airing in Mexico and the United Kingdom through August 31, 2018, will explore Austin, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Miami through the lens of sound and music.

The focus on sound in the campaign coincides with Brand USA release of its new IMAX™ Film, "America’s Musical Journey," which explores America's history through  music and sound. The integrated campaign and film engage the ears and the eyes, and from small screen to giant screen and everything in between, delivers an immersive experience for consumers.
Sound Travels is the creation of the Creative Partnerships team, Expedia® Media Solutions' in-house creative agency which collaborated with Create Future to bring the innovative 3D audio campaign to life for Brand USA.