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Mega familiarization tours, or “MegaFams,” are a vital part of Brand USA’s marketing strategies to create awareness of the diverse destinations and travel experiences available throughout the USA.
Scroll down for highlights of past MegaFams, including the recent 2022 U.K. & Europe MegaFam! Email any questions about future BrandUSA MegaFams.



2023 Australia & New Zealand MegaFam: Bright Lights, Dark Skies


2023 Australia & New Zealand MegaFam: Hoops ‘N’ Hikes


2023 Australia & New Zealand MegaFam: Summit UP


2023 Australia & New Zealand MegaFam: Patriot Trails


Brand USA gives us the opportunity to promote the entire state of Arizona internationally. All of our counties in Arizona depend on tourism and without Brand USA, we couldn’t attract the international travelers that [each county] gets so much from.

Debbie Johnson


Arizona Office of Tourism

"Seeing small towns and experiencing the diverse culture that New England has to show was interesting, insightful and all around a wonderful experience. I will use my knowledge now to encourage and enlighten passengers to want to visit these areas."

U.K. & Ireland MegaFam 2023

"I loved everything about our famil - we got a taste of everything, bright city lights in Las Vegas and then a taste of the stunning scenery in Utah."

Australia & New Zealand MegaFam 2023

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