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Congress Reaffirms Importance of International Travel to the USA

Congress Reaffirms Importance of International Travel to the USA

Today marks a new milestone in the U.S. travel and tourism industry’s recovery from COVID-19. President Biden signs the 2022 omnibus spending bill, which includes the Restoring Brand USA Act. The international segment of the travel economy is the most lucrative and has been the slowest to return to pre-pandemic levels. The new funding will allow Brand USA and our partners to rebuild traveler confidence, stimulate demand, and accelerate the return of international visitation and spend. Welcoming the world back will translate directly into economic growth, quality jobs, and tax revenues in communities throughout our great nation.

We appreciate the many champions in Congress on both sides of the aisle and in both chambers who acknowledge the critical role of international travel to our nation’s economic vitality. We’re also thankful for our friends at the U.S. Travel Association and others who advocated so forcefully to advance this bill across the finish line. Most importantly, we’re thankful for the ongoing faith, trust, and support of our partners.



About Brand USA

Brand USA, the destination marketing organization for the United States, was established by the Travel Promotion Act as the nation’s first public-private partnership to promote the United States as a premier travel destination and to communicate U.S. travel policies and procedures to worldwide travelers. The organization’s mission is to increase international visitation to the United States in order to fuel the U.S. economy and enhance the image of the United States worldwide. Formed as the Corporation for Travel Promotion in 2010, the public-private entity began operations in May 2011 and does business as Brand USA. According to studies by Oxford Economics, over the past ten years Brand USA's marketing initiatives have helped welcome 8 million incremental visitors to the United States, benefiting the U.S. economy with more than $58 billion in total economic impact and supporting, on average, more than 37,000 incremental jobs a year.

For industry or partner information about Brand USA, visit To discover more about the USA and the boundless diversity of American travel experiences and authentic, rich culture, please visit Brand USA’s consumer website and follow Visit The USA on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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