USA Campaign

The USA Campaign

(Direct to Consumer)
The USA Campaign, which includes any combination of macro-level promotion and advertising messages via broadcast, out-of-home, print, online video, and digital/social marketing channels, has been fundamental to Brand USA’s ability to create broad-based awareness and inspire travel to the United States.

Notably, the USA Campaign also includes high-profile global marketing initiatives, such as cinematic film production. Specifically, in FY2015, Brand USA began production of a film celebrating the U.S. national parks for release in IMAX® and other giant-screen format theaters during FY2016.



The creative featured in our campaign advertisements is informed by consumer research and will continue to be enhanced by learnings from consumer testing in target markets. In addition to the tangible results these campaigns deliver, they provide opportunities for our partners to reach international travelers through cooperative marketing opportunities.



Out-of-Home advertising, which includes signage (print and digital), video, and other public/ on-location advertising, is utilized in select markets to reach international travelers when they are in active, public places. These include, but are not limited to, public transportation and transit (subway, taxi, bus, etc.) and commercial locations (city centers, retail venues, cinema, etc.).



Through print advertisements featuring vibrant imagery, inviting messaging, and clear calls to action, Brand USA inspires travelers to visit the USA. Advertising is focused in both consumer and trade publications.


Digital/Social Marketing

Brand USA employs digital and social media marketing strategies to inspire, engage, and activate international travelers to visit the United States during the year through:

  • Proprietary website platforms
  • Social media channels
  • Global digital marketing and social campaigns
  • Online video
  • Retargeting and other targeted advertising

In addition to the global and in-market VisitTheUSA and GoUSA proprietary websites, Brand USA leverages related social media accounts in consumer-facing content and communications. Each market where Brand USA has a fully developed marketing presence has a dedicated, in-language website and social channels, which Brand USA uses to reach consumers in its target markets.


Take a look at Brand USA’s Consumer Digital Footprint here