Optimized Audience Fall 2023 Campaign: Mexico

The Optimized Audience Campaign reaches travelers where they are and when they are planning travel via multiple touchpoints and leverages Brand USA’s proprietary audience of pre-qualified visitors across markets that is not available elsewhere.

This program provides measurable hotel booking data and insights across multiple sources. 

Program Benefits

  • Brand USA’s robust international media campaigns enable them to build audiences that create unique value for partners.
  • Using 1st party data creates an opportunity to target and retarget audiences that are proprietary to Brand USA and partners.
  • Reach audiences where they are, not where you think they are, across multiple touch-points.
  • Deepen understanding of the impact and behavior from those reached by our media efforts.
  • In preferred markets during key seasonal planning periods with relevant content and marketing messages.


Start Date:
End Date:
Material Deadline:
Jun 23, 2023