State Fact Sheets

Brand USA uses a variety of tools to promote international visitation to all 50 states, five territories, and the District of Columbia, including well-known and beyond the gateway destinations.

Each of these state fact sheets highlights some recent Brand USA activities that promote each place in the competitive global tourism market. The sheets showcase the three main areas in which Brand USA promotes travel to the country: the USA campaign, cooperative marketing programs, travel trade, and media outreach. While not an exhaustive list of activities, each sheet provides some color to Brand USA's overall work and includes ROI results for Brand USA’s marketing efforts between FY2013 - FY2019, such as:

  • 7.5 million incremental international visitors who spent
  • $25 billion on travel and fare receipts with U.S. carriers, and generated
  • $7.1 billion in federal, state, and local taxes and
  • Nearly $55 billion in total economic impact, and supported
  • 50,000 incremental jobs
  • The resulting FY2018 marketing ROI was 27:1—meaning that every $1 Brand USA spent on marketing generated $27 in spend by international visitors.