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Sales Missions & Road Shows

International sales missions to new and emerging countries are a critical platform in Brand USA’s marketing strategy. 

During these trade missions, Brand USA and participants will meet with tour operators, airlines, travel agents, incentive and meeting planners, and media at a variety of planned events and functions. 


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Mega Fams

Familiarization tours, or “Fams,” with the travel trade are an integral part of the organization’s marketing strategies to create awareness of the diverse destinations and travel experiences available throughout the United States.

The Brand USA fam tours are called “MegaFams” because they are the largest multi-itinerary simultaneous familiarization tours conducted in the United States. 


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Trade Shows

Throughout the year, Brand USA hosts a series of USA-branded pavilions at influential travel and trade shows—providing participating U.S. exhibitors the opportunity to reach 1.6 million international travel buyers and inspire future travel to the United States.
Brand USA serves as the unifying element at these shows, representing U.S. travel and tourism interests on a global scale, with destinations, travel brands and other organizations participating as exhibitors. Participating organizations retain their own identity yet benefit from being part of a more visible, collaborative United States effort. To further amplify the USA’s and participating partners’ presence, Brand USA also organizes related events before, during and after many of these shows.
Unified Brand USA pavilions provide exhibitors:

·       Market analytics and insights
·       Marketing, advertising, public relations activities and media exposure
·       Increased global exposure
·       Customer engagement and entertainment opportunities

Please visit Brand USA Pavilion for more information and sponsorship opportunities at prominent trade shows events. There are many options from sharing booths and table tops to creating your own booth space, plus programs and activities to sponsor expanding your exposure at these prominent trade shows and events. To register contact: Brand USA Pavilion

Trade Shows

To view our Trade Shows, visit our calendar

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USA Discovery Program

The USA Discovery Program is Brand USA’s official online training tool about the diverse destinations and experiences available in the USA designed to inspire and help the travel industry get accredited as USA Specialists. Agents learn geographical information on regions, as well as individual states and territories. Unique features of the program include MegaFam integration, live events and webinars, and peer-to-peer learning. The USA Discovery Program currently has nearly 12,000 members and is active in the following markets: Australia and New Zealand, Brazil, the United Kingdom and Ireland, and India. During 2016, the program will roll out in China and Mexico. There will also be a global version rolled out for all other markets. Programs in Germany and South Korea will be added in 2017.

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videoWatch the webinar and learn how your organization can become involved.

emailContact Suzy Shepard for additional program details.