Tourism Exchange USA

Making the USA Bookable.

Brand USA and Tourism Exchange USA are collaborating to increase inbound international travel to more cities and states in the USA.

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Tourism Exchange USA connects all segments of the travel trade industry - tourism suppliers, distributers, destinations, booking systems, and new customers - in order to share inventory and generate more product from the USA.

"The Exchange serves as a platform fostering diversity, equity, and inclusivity in the tourism economy by connecting historically underrepresented businesses and communities to global markets. By collaborating with the Exchange, Brand USA aims to differentiate the U.S. from competitors through a myriad of unique experiences, empowering new markets and amplifying the impact of international visitation." - How Brand USA is Leveling the Playing Field for Travel and Tourism, Skift article published Dec. 21, 2023

International travel trade has historically focused on high-volume destinations. But research shows that many travelers desire smaller destinations offering unique, authentic experiences.

The Tourism Exchange USA platform bridges this gap between consumer demand and traditional contracting processes by expanding access to available bookable inventory to tour operators and travel agents, as well as online marketplaces. This creates an opportunity for all businesses, including rural and BIPOC-owned businesses, to gain distribution, thereby driving greater equity of marketing reach, visitor distribution and economic impact.

Tourism Exchange USA Logo

About Tourism Exchange USA:

Powered by Brand USA, Tourism Exchange USA is a one-stop, B2B digital marketplace for the travel industry designed to ensure greater visibility for more tourism businesses and communities across the U.S.

The Exchange:

  • Connects the real-time inventory of tourism product providers (hotels, attractions, events, experiences and retailers) with global and local distributors (tour operators, OTAs, Google, DMOs, etc.), allowing businesses of all sizes and sophistication to enhance their product distribution and sales worldwide
  • Provides multiple technology options with no upfront costs for suppliers and distributors, helping small businesses on both sides of product development and distribution stay relevant in today’s digital economy
  • Creates more distribution opportunities for tourism suppliers, increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and keeping more visitor dollars inside local communities
  • Is not intended to disrupt existing relationships and contracts, but rather be additive to the travel trade industry by increasing the volume of available product

Creating Industry Value:

  • For Tourism Businesses: Takes offline businesses online, growing visibility and revenue through convenient access to a wide array of global distribution partners​
  • For Destinations and DMOs: Supports local businesses with connectivity to international distribution​
  • For Travel Trade Buyers: Diversifies and secures access to off-the-beaten-path and authentic tourism products in new markets without heavy investments in marketing, relationship development, and contracting
  • For Booking Technology: Accelerated product roadmap at no cost, enabling users to reach new and larger marketplaces


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